Elepun (This entry rated PG-13!)

I was watching Spike TV with my wife a few weeks back, and they were playing World's Most Amazing Videos (alternate location here). One of the segments involved a person cleaning in an Elephant's cage (NOTE: Do NOT play this clip or read on in this post unless you don't mind a little gross PG-13 humor):


Now, incorrigible punster that I am, I couldn't resist making this comment to my wife: "Sat on him?!? She RECTum!".

(I found that copy of the video through the magic of Google. You can download it from here if you like.)

This particular video is available in Volume 5 of the VHS version, available from Amazon.com:

I also saw a reference to it on Rotten Tomatoes, although I don't know how reputable they are...

If you like this sort of thing, there are a bunch more on Wakin' Up With The Wolf...

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