Functional Programming Language → ¬Beautiful Syntax?

I just tried searching for the two phrases "functional programming language" and "beautiful syntax" simultaneously on Google, and got five measly results. YMMV, but you can try it yourself.

What (if anything) does that say about functional programming languages and beautiful syntax? Are there any functional programming languages with beautiful syntax? LISP/Scheme have a certain spartan simplicity some would consider beautiful I suppose, but I think readability does suffer. Which functional programming language is the most readable? Which has the least surprising syntax for programmers used to working in the C family of languages?

FWIW, I've been looking at Haskell, Objective Caml, Fortress, Scala and Mathematica most recently.


Image-Density 0.2 released

I just released the 0.2 version of my Image-Density Perl module. Glen Barr wrote to me to tell me he was finding it useful, and to inquire about having it work with multi-page (technically multi-directory) TIFF images. It wasn't a big task to make the change, once I'd looked into it, so I put out this new release on my web site (link above) and on CPAN. I've submitted it to freshmeat.net, too.