Microsoft Windows Live Local: Bring on the law suits

Ok, this is going to get weird.

Microsoft Windows Live Local is going to have imagery of real places, with ads sold over top of it.

Somebody is going to not like the idea, for example a meat-space billboard company won't like Microsoft making money off taking their billboard "space" and making money off selling other ads. The counter-argument will be that it is just virtual space. The counter-counter-argument will be that a news program would not be expected to sell advertising space replacing the content on the billboards that appear in images in news stories.

Or, some company won't like Microsoft selling ads on the side of or near their building. For example, an ad for Microsoft windows that looks like it is on the side of the Apple headquarters building. Probably copyright law will be used in that case, with the argument that the building's design is copyrighted property of the company that paid for that design.

I smell law suits coming...