Separated at birth? Geneva Sound System Model L and iPod Hi-Fi

Geneva Sound System (Model L); I spotted Model XL in Wired January 2006, Page 65 ("fetish").

iPod Hi-Fi, a new product from Apple.

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Gregor Purdy said...

[[ IMPORTING OLD BLOG COMMENT FROM "Richard" <smellslikebubblegum@gmail.com> at 2007-05-03 12:24 PM ]]

The Geneva Labs iPod speaker system is nice looking unit. Too bad my order of the L model took over 4 months to ship, then I received a product with a hardware issue. It took me a little while to notice it and report - 36 days after the ship date. Now I have to pay up to send it back and be repaired. Hard to believe some of these companies will admit to shipping a DOA, but then shield themselves with their warranty agreement. Sure, legally they might be in the right, but that doesn't make for a satisfied customer.

As long as I'm venting, I'd also like to point out some of what I see are the unit's shortcomings - other than the fact that mine doesn't work properly. It can only be operated by a remote control, which does not have any way to navigate the iPod itself. You need to operated the iPod itself, while it is loaded in the unit's dock, which seems a bit precarious.