Spotted in Popular Science (February 2006 issue, page 85). Also spotted in Wired (Janary 2006 issue, page 36 in the form "promatorium").

A technique, developed by Susanne Wiigh-Mäsak, whereby a body is freeze-dried in liquid nitrogen, and then jolted by a vibration at a specific frequency, reducing the body to a powder of flour-like consistency. The remains are placed in a box made of potato starch and shalowly buried so that the whole thing disintegrates in about a year.

See the Promessa Foundation web site for more information.



Ineffective / ineffectual / unthinking / irresponsible.

("feck" in this case is short for "effect".)


Great blog entry on math for programmers

I worked with Steve Yegge at Amazon.com back in 2003-2005, and he just posted a great blog entry on Math for Programmers. I do a lot of mathematical reading and writing (I hope to some day write a book on mathematics).

Mmmm… Slack

I just spotted this CNN article about the value of slack for strategic and innovative thinking on digg. I've witnessed this effect in my own professional and personal work.


Songs I’d like to hear Taylor Hicks cover

I've really been enjoying Taylor Hicks (the link is to what I think is his home page, but it is offline no doubt due to his current participation in American Idol) on American Idol, and I've heard a couple songs recently I think it would be neat to hear Taylor cover:

  1. You Make My Dreams Come True, by Daryl Hall and John Oates. Its a fairly simple song, and that could rule it out. But I suspect Taylor could throw in some "woo's" and other color to bring it new life.
  2. She's Gone, by Daryl Hall and John Oates. Its a five minute song, and doesn't move along very quickly, but a shorter arrangement could work. The song isn't a perfect match, but there are parts—especially in the chorus—where I can really imagine Taylor shining. Basically, an opportunity for Taylor to continue to show he can make a well-known song his own.

There was another one I was trying to find, but I don't know the name. The closest I came to getting that one (by lyric search via Google) was The Logical Song by Supertramp. But, I bought it and listened to it all the way through, and it isn't the one.

By the way, you can download some MP3 versions of three tracks from Taylor's CD "Under the Radar" here.


Want: Bombardier Embrio

Forbes recently ran an article on a concept vehicle from Bombardier called Embrio (video link).

The problem is, it is supposedly a concept intended to show what could done in 2025.


Build it sooner!

New blogroll entries

I just added these two new blogroll entries to the blogs of a couple of my Apple Store online pals.



Laughable, provoking laughter.

From Latin ris- ("laughed").

Seems like the word "derision" and the Spanish word for "smile" (sonrisa) would be based on this same root.



A confused mixture.

From the Latin for "mixed fodder."


Sanctuary - A remixable film

I originally spotted Sanctuary on page 50 of the January 2006 issue of Wired, under the heading "Hack This Film ".


Separated at birth? Geneva Sound System Model L and iPod Hi-Fi

Geneva Sound System (Model L); I spotted Model XL in Wired January 2006, Page 65 ("fetish").

iPod Hi-Fi, a new product from Apple.


Last week, I watched this video (35 minutes) of Maxis' forthcoming game "Spore".

Wow! If you watch it, it is worth watching all the way through. It starts out impressive, and just gets better and better and better as it goes through.

It is similar to, but way beyond some of my long ago dreams of a multi-level game that could be played at whatever level the player found most interesting...

WantWantWantWant - I hope they do a Mac version...

UPDATE 2006-03-13: Just saw this longer version...

Using sex to sell toilets is broken

The back cover to Wired's January 2006 issue had an advertisement with this picture:

and the caption:

Smooth, sensual technology with power that never quits.

That is just plain broken. Mixing sex and toilets is like mixing ice cream and horse manure. No amount of ice cream will make the horse manure any better, but even a little horse manure completely spoils the ice cream.

For crying out loud, the woman is even sitting on the toilet!