Edsger Dijkstra and P-Slim

In one of Pedraum's recent blog articles (Symptoms of a Process) he ends with a reference to the music he was listening to at the time of writing:

Written while groovin' to Lola from the album “Blend Crafters” by DJ Nu-Mark & Pomo

I recently blogged about Edsger Dijkstra's correspondence being put online, and in one of the letters I read (on page 3 of the PDF of the July 1975 letter) Dijkstra does something similar when he resumes writing the letter after a pause:

(Continued after an interlude during which I just listened to Dvorak's Serenade--mainly for wind instruments--in D moll, opus 44: a delightful piece of music!)

Would Dijkstra have loved iTunes?

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