Blog converted to WordPress

I've gone and done it. I've converted my Blog again. Now that I have the hosting of my web site off my own server (I made that change when I took the job with Apple and moved to California), I finally came up with a way to still have my blog. It turns out that my hosting provider has PHP and MySQL included, so it really wasn't that hard to get WordPress up and running.

I just finished importing all the past entries. I don't have the comments that were attached to some of the entries, though. I may try to pull those off my old server over holiday vacation. I think it would be great to do that if I could.

I like it that WordPress allows me to schedule articles into the future (useful for Gregor's Word of the Week).

I still miss the email notification feature I had with Movable Type, though.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the newly revived blog. I have a Google Sitemap for it, and I'm using Google Analytics, which is fun. However, for some reason it doesn't appear to that Google has indexed the new blog yet, which is kind of frustrating, since there are old links in their index to previous incarnations of my blog.



Self Publishing

Here are a few self-publishing sites I came across recently:


Harrison Bergeron

Harrison Bergeron (VHS only, alas) is one of my favorite movies.

I wish they would release it on DVD!



One goes to the optometrist to be bespectacled.

Where does it behoove one to go? To the equine podiatrist (farrier, aka "shoer")?

Effective Perl Programming

[[ Originally entered on 1998-08-28, but not published until recently ]]

This is a list of suggestions / comments on the book, not really a book review.