Unicode 4.0 and Betty Boop

I was looking for some information on Unicode box characters in my Unicode 4.0 book, and I discovered that page 1450 (in the General Index) has an entry "Boop, Betty .......... 1411".

When I looked at page 1411 (in the Unicode Names Index), I saw an entry "Betty ......... BOOP"! And, "BOOP" isn't even valid hexadecimal!

So, I did a Google Search for "Unicode Betty Boop", and came up with a link to a PDF file that looked something like this:


This character has made cameo appearances in fonts and character sets since the first
laser printer fonts for Japanese in the 1980's.


This character is not part of the Unicode Standard

Last modified: April 1, 2002

You can also see a reference to this character range here, under the heading "Betty".

I looked in my Unicode 3.0 book, and it doesn't have Betty Boop entries.

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