Groping grops

My RedHat systems have been misbehaving for quite some time when I tell them to print manpages on my printer. For example, if I were to tell one of them to man -t cp, then I'd get a page with too much bottom margin and not enough top margin.

Today I couldn't take it any longer, so I spent a few minutes to track down the problem. It turns out that the default configuration of the grops utility on all of my RedHat machines was set for A4 paper, not US Letter paper, which caused the rendered PostScript to appear offset when printed on my US Letter printer.

Everything is working fine now that I've changed the appropriate grops configuration file (/usr/share/groff/1.18.1/font/devps/DESC) on my machines to this (change highlighted in red):

res 72000
hor 1
vert 1
lowerwchar 300
wcharkern 400
sizescale 1000
unitwidth 1000
sizes 1000-10000000 0
styles R I B BI
family T
fonts 11 0 0 0 0 0 SS S ZD ZDR M G
fontset B G 100..FFFF
fontset AB G 100..FFFF
fontset BMB G 100..FFFF
fontset CB G 100..FFFF
fontset HB G 100..FFFF
fontset HNB G 100..FFFF
fontset NB G 100..FFFF
fontset PB G 100..FFFF
fontset TB G 100..FFFF
fontset - M 100..FFFF
postpro grops
broken 7
papersize /etc/papersize letter
print lpr

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