Crumble Zope DTML Method Version 1.0 Released

Crumble implements breadcrumbs as a Zope DTML Method.

Breadcrumbs (also called Bread Crumbs) are bits of text with links, usually near the top of a web page, that identify the location of the current document within a hierarchical structure by referring to the documents from the top level down through the hierarchical structure to the current document.

For example, breadcrumbs that looked like this: "Root :: Pomp :: Circumstance" would indicate that the current document can be reached from the root by navigating through "Pomp" and then to "Circumstance".

Typically, each breadcrumb except the final one is a link to the document it represents.

More information, and the downloadable code are available at http://www.gregorpurdy.com/gregor/sw/Crumble/.

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