Computer Husbandry and Reticulture

The field is most generically "Technology Husbandry" for those people involved in managing technological artifacts through their life cycles (by analogy with Animal Husbandry). Among the branches of the field are Mechanical Husbandry, Electronic Husbandry, and more specifically Computer Husbandry.

The main problem I have with this latter term is that most "computers" are used more for their communication mediation capabilities rather than strictly for computation in the classical sense. But, "computer" is the term we have and use.

The management of combinations of such components into networks is Reticulture (from reticular = netlike and analogy with agriculture or horticulture). So a "network administrator" is a reticulturist.

(From my post on Slashdot in response to the article A Title to Replace "Systems Administrator".)

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