HINT: It is not "a poisonous substance causing an inability to write".



HINT: It is not "an iceberg that has managed to wander near the equator."



Wind breakers

Why is it that its OK to buy a wind breaker... and its OK to wear a wind breaker...but, if you ever actually manage to break wind, its no longer OK?


The Universe is a two’s complement machine

What follows is a transcription of Item 154 (by R.W. "Bill" Gosper) of HAKMEM, a 1972 memo from the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

HAKMEM is full of interesting tidbits (some others are pointed out in The Jaron File).


The trouble with triples (and other tuples)

Ever since I first studied discrete mathematics and read Paul R. Halmos' Naive Set Theory, I've been bothered by the conventional definition of tuples in terms of sets.

Perl Shell mentioned in Linux Journal

In the 2003-04 issue of Linux Journal, David A. Bandel mentions The Perl Shell (psh) in an item of the UPFRONT department on page 12.