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Sent to Linux Weekly News on 2002-01-08, and appearing in the 2002-01-10 Letters to the Editor.

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With the proliferation of kernel versions we've seen over the last few years, I'd like to suggest a slight change to the way folks label their kernels. Just yesterday the Daily Updates section of LWN had a news item about Linus' 2.5.2-pre10, with 2.5.1-dg13 also mentioned, but the note says it is caught up as far as 2.5.2-pre9.

I would suggest that "the first 'dj' kernel based on 2.5.2-pre9" should be called 2.5.2-pre9-dj1, not 2.5.1-dg13. On a similar note, I'd love to see vendor kernels named similarly. My RedHat 7.2 box is running 2.4.9-13. Of course, that really means 2.4.9-rh13. The 13th build/revision/iteration/whatever of kernel 2.4.9 made by RedHat.

As long as we don't end up with derivative chains too many levels deep, this should work fine and be easier to follow. If everyone's leftmost chunks match those of Linus' or Marcelo's official kernels, then its clear from the name alone what code its based on.


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