C++, rdesktop and Tie::Array::FileWriter

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Today I worked on a C++ conversion of rdesktop. I originally started working with rdesktop after some searching for a program that would run under Red Hat Linux 7.2 and let me access my Remote Desktop on another computer running Windows XP Professional. I was able to run the Microsoft client on a Windows 98 virtual machine running under VMware, but I really wanted a Linux solution. The plan is to migrate the XP box to a virtual machine on the Linux computer and then access it from any Linux computer via the Remote Desktop stuff.

Anyway, I started out messing with the code thinking I'd refactor it a bit (to deconvolve the X windows and RDP protocol stuff) and then figure out how to hook SDL into it and possibly make a GNOME interface for it. I got partway into that process and got frustrated because I wanted to program in an object-oriented style with inheritance and it was not fun doing that in straight C.

So, I bit the bullet and spent yesterday doing much of the conversion to C++. This morning I finished most of the rest of it, finishing off early this afternoon. I've introduced a bug (or two or more) that I'm tracking down right now, but when I get it back to functioning I'll put it up someplace public. I'm trying to use C++ isms as much as possible (such as avoiding #define). It will be interesting to see how this works out.

Also today, I developed Tie-Array-FileWriter in a little over an hour to scratch an itch at a former client that would otherwise have required modifying the source of a large framework I built for them. That was fun!

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