Jako Lives!

My little language for Parrot lives! Dan Sugalski posted about it here.

We have the first language that targets Parrot as its back end. Gregor Purdy whipped up a small language he calls Jako[1] that compiles to Parrot assembly code. I've checked the compiler and a test program into the CVS repository, in the little_languages directory, for all to see and fiddle with. Sync up and give it a whirl! [1] Jako is one of the species of African parrots, also called the "gray parrot"

I’m now a Parrot Committer

Simon Cozens just announced that Brian Wheeler and I have been given committer access to the the Parrot source repository.

Newsgroups: perl.perl6.internals
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 12:48:00 +0100
To: perl6-internals[at]perl.org, bdwheele[at]indiana.edu, gregor[at]focusresearch.com
Subject: Welcome, new committers!
Message-ID: <20010914124800.A7439[at]netthink.co.uk>
From: simon[at]netthink.co.uk (Simon Cozens)

I'm pleased to announce that Brian Wheeler and Gregor Purdy,
after providing a good number of high-quality patches, have
now been given committer access to the Parrot CVS tree. They
join myself and Dan, the other committers at the moment.

If you're feeling left out, don't! We'll be giving other people access
very soon, once I've found some other people who are doing good work
and I've worked out a way to co-ordinate information between

So if you feel you want CVS commit access - look critically at
the TODO list. :)




Today, I tried to access http://www.ecrm-epps.com/, and here is a screenshot of the page I got due to some trouble accessing the site. Since I can't access the home page, how am I supposed to get the email address off it?