Cool CD Protectors

A few months back, I received a CD from someone in a unique protector. It is a clear plastic "clamshell" case, and it is very nice. I wanted to have some more for some of the other CDs I have laying around, but I had never seen them at the store.

Fortunately, it has a patent number on it (two numbers, actually: US PAT#5,713,463 and US PAT# DES 387,217). I did some investigation at IBM's Intellectual Property Network (now known as Delphion), where I found the patent!

After some searching around, I found other references on the web to one of the inventors, Daniel Tagtow (Senior Product Designer at DesignEdge). I sat on this information for a little while, but finally gave him a call in early 2000-02. He was very helpful, and pointed me to The Dering Corporation's web site, http://www.buycshell.com/ (thanks, Daniel).

To get your own C-Shell (love that name) CD cases, follow the link above or click on the image below).

Buy C-Shells

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