This week's word is brought to you by my newly born daughter Mary Elizabeth Purdy -- born 2001-04-13 at 11:39 PM, 7 pounds, 6 ounces.

An ecclesiastical banner, especially one carried in processions.

"Zephyr deity labarum" (meaning roughly "banner of the god of the west wind") is an anagram of "Mary Elizabeth Purdy".

Here are some more anagrams:

Hay paz; Demur Liberty - A multilingual statement. The first half is Spanish for "there is peace". The second half is English, and means "voice opposition to Liberty". It is a statement about the dangers to individual freedom that occur when a large percentage of people in a free society are blissfully ignorant of the price paid by others for their freedom, and become lulled into disinterest by a period of peace and prosperity.

Baptized Hyla Murrey - If she ever becomes a spy, she could use Hyla Murrey as an alias, although now that I've spilled it... (also, despite soundling like it could be a name, "hyla murrey" could be taken to mean "dark red tree toad")

Zephyr Rubytail Mead - A specially commissioned mead made by the Carpenter Meadery in celebration of the birth of Mary Elizabeth Purdy.

More information at Dictionary.com.

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