HINT: It is not the correct response when your mother asks you "Who do you love?"

The meaty flavor of meat and parmesan cheese. Also the taste of monosodium glutamate (MSG).

Spotted in Science News volume 157 (2000-03-25) on page 196: "Researchers enjoy bitter taste of success".

Also spotted in Scientific American 2000-04 on page 34: "The Fifth Taste".

Also spotted in New Scientist 2002-11-23 on page 26 "Chill out with the new taste of green tea."

NOTE: Within a couple weeks of writing this entry, I lost my sense of taste for a few weeks (I had dysgeusia). I could still taste sweet, but I could not taste umami. This was precipitated by using both Listerine mouthwash and a Listerine toothpaste, at the direction of my dentist.


Gregor Purdy said...

[[ IMPORTING OLD BLOG COMMENT FROM "kayanna" <snowowl16@yahoo.com> at 2006-11-19 4:47 PM ]]

I also lost my sense of taste from the new listerine whitening. how did you get it back. i ma freaking out a little. please let me know.

Gregor Purdy said...

[[ IMPORTING OLD BLOG COMMENT FROM "Gregor" <gregor@focusresearch.com> at 2006-12-04 8:47 PM -- http://www.focusresearch.com/ ]]

Kayanna -- My sense of taste for umami came back after about a week and a half or two weeks (it felt very long). I had been sick recently, too, and I know that some illnesses can affect taste and smell, so I (somewhat foolishly, I guess) tried the Listerine products again after my sense of taste returned, in case it was just a matter of having been sick. I lost my sense of taste again, but it (thankfully) returned again. I hope your sense of taste has returned by now!