Purdy Huguenot Connection

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I just received some new family history information from my Grandmother, and one part makes this statement:

... the Purdys are Huguenots as were the Lyons and Guions. They all came from LaRochelle in France and founded New Rochelle, N.Y. and a great many of these families still live in that area.

There are excerpts from a couple of encyclopedias about the Huguenots included with the papers. I see a Britannica article [2005-12-05: Fixed link] online.

I'd never heard of this connection before. Have any of you?

BTW, I did find a reference to Huguenot Park in Westchester County New York (40 55' 22" N x 73 47' 41" W, supposedly according to the USGS). I wonder if there is anything there to tie this park to the family...


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