An obscure word meaning magic.

From The Compact Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, Volume 1 (A-O); 18th Printing, 1979; Library of Congress catalog number 76-188038:

Dweomercraeft. Obs. [f. O.E. *dwimer, *dweomer, in zedwimer, zedwomer, illusion, sourcery, necromancy, zedwinere, juggler, sourcerer + craeft, CRAFT.] Juggler, magic art.

c.1205 LAY. 30634 And Pelux hit wiste anan purh his dweomer-craeften.

Related: Dweomerlayk = Demerlayk.


From The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology; T.F. Hoad; ISBN 0-19-283098-8 (pbk).

Dwarf comes from the old English word dweorg/dweorgh/dwerg.


The stem 'werg-' means 'to do'. (Words and Rules, page 68).

The perlopentut (Perl open tutorial) document by Tom Christiansen uses the term 'dweomer'.

'Dweomer' also occurs in some fantasy literature and role playing games.

From Word Lover's Dictionary; Citadel Press, Josefa Heifetz, 1997; ISBN 0-8065-1720-4.

dwergma: "echo". Of Norse origin. Means Dwarf Language. Supposedly dwarves live in the rocks and are the source of the echoes.

[UPDATE 2001-10-01] Tolkein uses 'Dwimmerlaik' as a contemptuous title for the lord of the Nazgul. This appears to be a way of saying 'necromancer', given gedwimer = sorcery and lic = corpse.

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