All Aboard, or Else!

In the Crown Room of the Delta terminal (#3) at O'Hare airport of Chicago, there is a sign that reads:

All passengers must be on board 10 minutes prior to departure or your seet is subject to reassignment.

As written, it says that I could be on board the plane minding my own business, but because someone else hasn't boarded they can reassign my seat. I used to pick on the Crown Room staff about this every time I came in, but the sign has now been removed (although not necessarily due to my efforts).

People Are Not Commodities!

The contemporary lack of value placed on human life is due in part to the practical interchangeability of individuals in the eyes of the perpetrators.

This article has been UPDATED, and updated AGAIN.

Hey! I’m Talkin’ Over Here!

With all the hype over voice interfaces for computers, we must consdier the social implications of the noise pollution it would cause. Already cube environments can be a pain when people are using their telephones or holding conversations.

Office social protocols may require the ability to "go private," even in a cube environment. I for one would like to work in a space that I could shut off from the surroundings for serious hacking sessions.